Retirement Life Insurance

Globe Life

Globe Life Insurance is offered by Competitive Benefits Administrators (CBA) through the CES Retirement and Voluntary Benefits Program. A CBA Benefits Consultant is available to you to explain this benefit during your district’s open enrollment period, or by contacting CBA for more information about the Retirement Life Insurance.

Globe Life  provides  life and health insurance coverage to over 3.9 million policyholders. A.M. Best, an independent insurance analyst since 1899, consistently awards Globe Life an A+ Superior (as of 6/15) based on their latest analysis of financial strength, management skills and integrity. Globe Life gives you the opportunity to replace the life insurance that terminates when you retire or separate from service with your employer. Globe Life is portable and will be paid-up at the age of 65 if purchased at age 55 or younger. Employees older than age 55 may also participate, but premiums are not paid-up until age 100.

Globe Life Unique Features

  • Plan is Guaranteed Issue – If you are actively at work, you can enroll in Globe Life Insurance without regard to existing health conditions (except for HIV and/or terminal illness). 
  • Plan is Paid-Up at Age 65 – No premium payments in your retirement years if you enroll at age 55 or younger.
  • Rates are Locked In – your premium is based on your current  age and will never increase.
  • Does Not Replace Your Existing Life Insurance Coverage – This coverage compliments your employer provided life insurance, and you may take it with you if you separate from service or retire.