Short Term Disability Insurance


Short Term Disability

The Aflac Short-Term Disability is designed to protect you from an unforeseen disability. What if one day, you become disabled and you can’t go to work. How would you you pay for the expenses of daily life such as monthly mortgage or rent, groceries and your utilities? That’s where Aflac’s shot-term disability insurance policy can help make the difference.  Aflac pays cash benefits directly to you, unless you choose otherwise. This means that you will have added financial resources to help with expenses incurred due to medical treatment, ongoing living expenses or any purpose you choose. Aflac’s Short-Term Disability Insurance provides benefits for both total and partial disability. Even if you’re able to work, partial disability benefits may be available to help compensate for lost income. Aflac does not coordinate note coordinate benefits. Regardless of any other disability insurance you may have, including Social Security, Aflac pays you directly.