Signify Agreement Definition

Because when an American “harbours” a car, the practical effect is very similar to what is described in your definition 1. The renter (spelling) pays an agreed sum of money in exchange for the right to use the car for a fixed period. The details of how this sum is determined and who retains legal ownership of the vehicle are rather technical and, from a practical point of view, are not essential for the description of the contract. 7) If a term is defined, do not repeat any part of its definition related to the use of the defined term. 6) Use the defined term whenever the definition should apply and avoid creating a defined term if it is only used once. The contractual provision must be interpreted by replacing the concept defined by the definition. If the author deliberately avoids the definition, majusculization should also be avoided (but mistakes are too often made); Given this sensitivity to error, the author may prefer to use a synonym to avoid the defined term. Here is an example of the correct use of a defined term in combination with an undefined (similar) word: I mean in particular the verb, because the name of each legal lease document is often called “lease”. This was done by using a culturally familiar image tool, such as baskets filled at different levels, to report some or a lot of correspondence with the report to the questionnaire. For example, a rope could mean an imaginary wall. In the event that a word or term is used only once in the treaty, it is sufficient to clarify that word or concept in a sentence or paragraph below. Finally, defined terms and definitions are used to facilitate the interpretation of a treaty.

The statement gave a rare consensus among supervisors that large banks continue to enjoy a cost advantage because they believe they are too big to fail. A defined term must not contain “(s)”: where defined, a defined term is either singular or plural. In the text of the treaty, the singular and the plural may be interchangeable, whether the definition refers to the singular or plural term. 5) Create only one defined term for each definition and never use a synonym in which the defined concept, word or phrase will apply. Ratification of the Optional Protocols means that the Malaysian Government assumes the obligation to respect, protect, promote and honour the rights of the child and to sign an agreement legally bound by the provisions of the Convention. (1) defined terms and definitions should be used to facilitate the interpretation of a treaty: they make contractual provisions concise; Whereas the use of defined terms should at all times reduce the risk of ambiguity. Like velvet cables, metal detectors actually mean a high-end club. For example, in contractual clauses, do not refer to the “board of directors of the company” if the “board of directors” is already defined as the “board of directors of the company”. By replacing such a misused term, the result would be “the board of directors of the company of the company.” In other words, the principle of replacing the defined term with a definition must be strictly applied. For example, do not refer to both “product” and “televisions” if both are defined as “televisions in accordance with Schedule 1”. Where a defined term is derived from and relates to the same definition of another (related) contract or document, you are referring to that agreement or document (“televisions as defined in the Distribution Agreement”); You should not repeat this definition….