Entrustment Agreement Of Personal Data Processing

1.5. Seizure Agreement – means this Agreement, including its amendments, Annexes and Annexes, provided that they are in writing and signed by both Parties. 2.5.2. LINK Customer – with regard to the personal data of its employees and collaborators in the form of names, names, names, company telephone numbers and e-mail addresses and other contact details, and with regard to the personal data of the customer in charge of transport, the sender and recipient of the shipment and other participants in the transport, in the form of first and last names, addresses, contact telephone numbers and tax identification numbers (PINs), the processing of which is transferred by LINK; 4.10. A processor that uses email is obliged to use anti-spam tools and not to open strange or suspicious emails that may contain malware such as viruses or malware. Only the private/operational Internet connection can be used to connect to e-mails and other information systems in which the personal data that have been entrusted to the processor by the controller are processed. It is strictly forbidden to register via another Internet network or a public Internet connection such as wi-fi or hotspot. The processing of personal data in electronic form outside the website for the processing of personal data is permitted, provided that the data is encrypted using a professional encryption tool. 10.1.

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