Bulk Water Purchase Agreement

THIS WATER PURCHASE AGREEMENT is entered into on and after the day of and between the City of Minnesota, whose address is the “Seller”, and a public property under the laws of Minnesota having its registered office in the City of Minnesota, County, Minnesota, whose address is the Model Bulk Water Supply Contract between a municipality and a water authority. The water must be dosed and delivered to the buyer by a connection provided for this purpose. Buyer is responsible for locking down the refueling point to ensure that the water is not used by third parties, and Buyer agrees to assume responsibility for all measured uses, regardless of their use. Pennsylvania – Water Bulk Supply Agreement between Aqua Pennsylvania Inc. and the Borough of Sharpsville for mass water supply. These differ from the BOT and BOD structures for water supply, which can be found under [] Below are typical raw water or treatment contracts between supply companies or neighboring counties as well as other reading materials on the subject. This Water Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”) for the Sale and Purchase of Water was entered into on July 26, 2016 to be effective to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law on June 30, 2016 (the “Effective Date”) of Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc., a Nevada corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Purchaser”) authorized by applicable law. and Rocky Mountain High Water Company, LLC, a delaware limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as “Seller”). In this agreement, buyers and sellers are from time to time referred to individually as “party” and together as “parties”. Singapore, 6th April 1, 2011 – PUB, the National Water Authority of Singapore, and Hyflux Ltd today, through their 100% subsidiary Tuaspring Pte Ltd (Tuaspring), signed a 25-year water purchase agreement (WPA) for Singapore`s second and largest desalination plant.

This agreement is entered into by and between J LC and West Mountain Water Company as seller (company) and Salem City as buyer (Salem) for the transfer of certain rights in the water, as set forth in these Rules. Melbourne, Victoria – Bulk Water Supply Agreement between the Melbourne Water Corporation (MWC) and City West Water (CWW), one of the Utulities for the City of Melbourne, owned by the Government of Victoria. As part of the contract, CWW purchases bulk water from MWC, while MWC supplies, treats and transmits drinking water and disposes of sewers. . Negotiating Bulk Supplies – a Framework, OFWAT August 2013 CET addendum to the existing water agreement, which took place on 28 August 2013. On February 22, 2007, by and between Big Sioux Community Water Systems, Inc., a South Dakota company, Rural Route, Egan, South Dakota, hereinafter referred to as “Big Sioux”, Dakota Ethanol LLC., a South Dakota company, was closed and concluded. by Wentworth, South Dakota, hereinafter referred to as “Dakota Ethanol”, as follows: This raw water purchase agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into on that day (“Effective Date”) between the Department of Waterworks, Consolidated City of Indianapolis, Indiana (“DOW”) and the City of Westfield, Indiana (“Westfield”) (together the “Parties”). .