Advertising Master Services Agreement

13.14 “PubMatic Services” means the PubMatic online advertising services, products and features described in In addition to all the other services described above, the Agency may provide the client with hosting services in accordance with the hosting conditions defined in the SOW. In return for these hosting services, the client pays the Agency the monthly accommodation fee set by the SOW. Through this process, I deal with people in the negotiation of our agreements, ranging from legal assistance to global companies to direct cooperation with business creators. 7.2 When purchasing any of the goods and services mentioned in point 7.1, Level obtains the Customer`s permission before making substantial commitments or significant expenses on behalf of the Customer, and Level is entitled to act on behalf of the Customer as an agent for a disclosed principal in order to enter into agreements to purchase such goods and services. including, but not limited to, securing advertising spaces or hours, software, services, materials or information related to the provision of Level`s services in accordance with the Agreement. (e) subject to the services provided under this Agreement, the Agency shall retain all rights to illustration and other copyrighted works of art, if any, contained in a specification (article, `design`), provided that the Agency does not use, without the prior written consent of the client, a design for use in the marketing or promotion of a consumer product; licensed, sold or otherwise authorized. in any format or media, electronic or otherwise, for a period of one year from the date the design is first published. Except as otherwise provided in this Section 11, the Agency grants the Client the limited, exclusive and irrevocable right to use the Designs as defined in a SOW. 12.7 The Customer is responsible for verifying and confirming the accuracy of all statements in the Customer`s services, business, products, services, industry and/or competitors, and the Customer undertakes to inform level immediately if the Customer believes that a statement in a document that conveys the level to the Customer for approval is false or misleading. .

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