Tesla Model X Service Agreement

A major drawback of a Tesla ESA is that you can only transport your vehicles for repair to Tesla service centers. There are currently approximately 113 Tesla service centers in the United States. If you are travelling and you are down, this can be a problem. In comparison, advanced third-party warranties are accepted by CarShield in any workshop certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) nationwide. By deviating from most of the manufacturer`s warranties, the extended Tesla warranty has only an extensive service plan and does not offer multiple hedging options. You can choose between two- to four-year contracts. The two-year Tesla warranty offers coverage for 2 years/25,000 miles, depending on the first date. The four-year warranty offers coverage for 4 years/50,000 miles, depending on the first moment. Tesla has become synonymous with “electric cars” and for good reason: it is currently the world leader in electric vehicles for the road. While Tesla models receive praise for performance and range, the history of quality was not stellar. New vehicles are also protected by a battery and propulsion unit warranty, but lifespans vary depending on the Tesla model you own.

This is the tesla guarantee for the powertrain and ensures that your battery will retain a minimum capacity of 70 percent. Here is the breakdown of coverage: For Model S vehicles, the two-year Tesla extended the warranty costs 2,100 USD if purchased within 180 days after the delivery date of the vehicle. If you buy the two-year contract after 180 days, you must pay an additional $500. The four-year Tesla warranty costs $4,250 if you buy 180 days ago. After 180 days, the cost rises to 4,750 $US. If you sell your vehicle, you can transfer the contract to the new owner for the remainder of the contract if the transfer of ownership is made via Tesla. The full transfer process, the terms and conditions are described in your contract. At $4000, it wasn`t cheap. It offered four years and additional coverage of 50,000 miles, up to a total of 100,000 miles. For each service visit, there was a $200 deductible.

Remember that this coverage is not available for all Tesla models and that their availability varies depending on the age of the vehicle and mileage: this is a reason to buy an extended warranty for a Tesla model. Another thing is that, although a Tesla does not have a conventional internal combustion engine or transmission, it has a sophisticated electrical drive chain and a plethora of embedded electronics and computing. It is simply one of the most advanced vehicles in production today. And advanced technology usually means expensive repairs when things fail. But these are people who have treated me very well for a very long time, since the good old days in the now dissolved service center in White Plains, New York. I thought they would tell me everything I needed to know. The people at my local Tesla service center assured me that if I sold or traded the car in less than four years, I would be refunded for the unused part of the pro-guarantee.