Service Agreement For Digital Marketing

The retainer limit is 10 hours per month. Full details of our services, including monthly service delivery, are presented in our monthly plan. We`ll share the details with you. 2.3 Relations between the parties. The supplier acts as an independent contractor in accordance with the terms of this agreement and for the provision of certain services. The provider retains the power and authority to monitor and monitor the performance of services by supplier staff, including the power to discipline, recruit and dismiss supplier staff. No provision in this agreement should be construed as giving any of the contracting parties the power to direct or control the day-to-day activities of the other party or (b) to form the parties as employers and workers, franchisees and franchisees, licensees and licensees, partners, joint ventures, co-owners or other participants in a joint venture. The supplier recognizes that the customer`s needs may change during this contract and will adapt these needs by modifying the services indicated by mutual agreement on the basis of a fair transfer of workload. The purpose of the agreement and what we provide (if any) you, the customer can determine at any time the focus of services on a particular area, for example a number of keywords, focus on a product or business service, or a new introduction. We will then be able to do that work accordingly.

The service plan and customer pricing are described in the Digital Marketing Service Proposal and Agreement, which remains in effect for the first period. 4.2 Billing; Payments Delayed charges. At the beginning of each vendor billing cycle, the provider will charge the customer all costs incurred by the customer during such a billing cycle. The customer will pay the full bill after receipt. If the full payment is not made, a 5 per cent (5 per cent) tax is added to the balance due so as not to exceed the legal limit allowed by law. If the customer is due fourteen (14) days or more after the due date, services are suspended until all outstanding costs are paid and the customer is delayed by this contract. The customer is always responsible for all minimum monthly fees during a period during which services are suspended or not due to a customer violation. If it is necessary for the supplier to enforce this agreement by a lawyer, a court of cassation or directly by a court for small claims, the client must pay all legal fees, agency fees, court fees and other collection costs, including, but not only, legal service fees at the judicial and appelal level.