Private Foreign Currency Exchange Agreement Legal

3 3. TRANSACTION PROCEDURES: 1) PARTIES, DIRECTLY OR THROUGH THEIR AUTHORIZED MANDATED REPRESENTATIVE WOULD ACCEPT, SIGN, SEAL AND RETURN THIS CURRENCY EXCHANGE AGREEMENT ALONG WITH THE FPA BY FAX OR IN PDF-FORMAT (HARD COPIES TO BE SENT BY COURIER SERVICE IF REQUIRED). 2) THIS LONG AGREEMENT WITH THE FPA MUST BE CONCLUDED WITH EACH PARTY S BANK. 3) EUR-P BANK WILL SEND PROOF OF FUNDS (POF) OF 500M TO USDP`S BANK WITHIN 24 HOURS OF EXECUTION. POF NEEDS A TEAR SHEET (NO MORE THAN 3 DAYS) FROM SWIFT TO USD PROVIDER S BANK. 4) After receiving SWIFT from the EURO Provider Bank, the USD Supplier Bank will immediately issue the conditional transfer of SWIFT MT103 from USD to EUR Providers Bank. 5) Immediately after confirmation of receipt and authentication of the conditional MT103 SWIFT, the euro provider bank bank of THE USD supplier, with SWIFT MT103 unconditionally, will send the amount corresponding to the current agreed tranche and the USD received by the conditional SWIFT of the USD will be automatically released. Commissions/commissions are paid immediately. 6) FREIGHT TRANCHES ARE FURTHER THAN THE ABOVE PROCEDURE UNTIL THE USD IS EXHAUSTED OR THE AMOUNT OF AGREEMENT IS COMPLETED. 4) TERMS AND CONDITIONS: a.

Banking Coordinates of EURO PRINCIPAL AND USD PRINCIPAL AS PER ANNEX A Contracting parties must comply with the banks` directives relating to the Anti-Terrorism Act and Patriot Act I and II. The buyer is not responsible for the harmful money laundering. b. BANKS COORDINATES AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR USD-P and EUR-P: Bank account data are attached to Schedule A and cannot be changed for the duration of this agreement without written notification to all beneficiaries of advisory fees and commissions five days before any change. 5 3) IDENTIFICATION CODES: The contracting parties agree that all documents relating to this transaction indicate the following codes. And the codes will not be changed for the duration of this transaction agreement, including all rollovers, renewals, renewals and all additions. AAUTHORIZED BANK COMMUNICATION: No party has the right to contact the other party`s bank without the permission of the party whose bank must be contacted. Any unauthorized contact is contrary to this contract. 4) IMPSES, INSTITUTIONNELS: both parties assume individually and separately responsibility for taxes, tax, customs duties or taxes that may apply in the performance of their respective roles in this transaction.

5) PENALTY CLAUSE FOR NO-PERFORMANCE: If, at the end of the validity period, one of the contracting parties does not end after the expiry of the contract`s validity period after the expiry of the life of the party, the other contracting party releases the other party for an amount of 2% of the first tranche; and one per cent of the two [2%] per cent mentioned are paid and distributed equally, to each of the moderators who allowed the introduction of the signatories, if the non-failing contractor files a late fee, if not the case, both [2%] percent are paid only to intermediaries. Intermediaries have the right to assert a legal right to such an amount of two [2%] per cent, as is the case for the first instalment, against the party who does not comply in court. 6) LAWS AND ARBITRATION: This contract is a full appeal obligation applicable under the jurisdictional laws of the countries in which this transaction is made, and all disputes must be settled in accord with ICC rules for arbitration, unless the aggrieved party sues in a court of law.