Development Agreement Format India

30.1. The parties agree that they are strictly confidential and do not publish or divided any information of a protected nature by the other party, without the prior written consent of the public party, unless it is necessary to disclose it under a rule or regulation or to publish it in accordance with the government directive. Nothing in this clause prevents the disclosure or use of information obtained or made public, without any information from the party receiving or is already known to the receiving party or by a third party entitled to pass it on. At the end of the contract, for any reason, each Party will provide all confidential information and all documents, drawings, projects, including Bare Shell projects, business plans, financial information (if any) of discs, discs and any other document on which such confidential information may have been stored (except for a copy (1) kept for legal records) to which this part was made available during the stay. However, provided that neither party is prevented from fulfilling an advertising obligation it may have under applicable legislation or regulatory orders or regulations. Each party deletes/deletes all information stored on its hard drives in its computer and the information that is governed by this clause. 4. That the owner executed lawyers in favour of the developer for the filing of applications, the requirements imposed on the various authorities for obtaining authorizations, authorizations, sanctions, allocation of construction equipment or other materials and other matters that must be carried out by law and which must be carried out in the context of the construction and completion of said dwellings / floors on that land. However, developers undertake not to induce action or object that abuses in any way, may violate any rule, law or regulation, or abuse the powers that may be conferred on the developer by the owner to establish a superstructure, as shown above on the land under the building in question, in accordance with the agreement.