Agreement On The Solution Reached

2. In dispute resolution cases involving a less advanced country, the Director General or The Chair of the Dispute Resolution Body, in which no satisfactory solution has been found in the consultations, proposes a concerted solution before submitting a panel request. The Director General or the President of the DSB may, when granting the above aid, consult any source who deems it appropriate. 21. Independent contractors. The parties to this agreement are independent contractors and no agency, partnership, partner company, joint venture or employee-employer relationship is foreseen or created by this agreement. You are not allowed to match SR to any agreement. 8. The suspension of concessions or other obligations is temporary and is valid only until the measure deemed incompatible is quashed, until the member who must implement recommendations or decisions offers a solution in the event of cancellation or breach of benefits or until a satisfactory solution is found for both parties. In accordance with Article 21, paragraph 6, the SDC continues to monitor the implementation of recommendations or decisions adopted, including where compensation or concessions or other commitments have been suspended and recommendations to bring a measure in line with the covered agreements have not been implemented.

5. Any jurisdiction in which a dispute has been filed under this party applies the relevant provisions of the agreement, this convention and any relevant sub-regional, regional or global fisheries agreement, as well as generally accepted standards for the conservation and management of marine biological resources and other rules of international law inconsistent with the Convention. , which are not incompatible with the convention. to ensure the conservation of straddling fish stocks and the large migratory fish stocks involved. Negotiations are complicated by the fact that issues – whether agriculture, services, intellectual property or anything else – are often interconnected and often artificially linked by countries. This means, on the one hand, that the Government of that country, in choosing its negotiating tactics, will ask itself what to do with regard to tariffs when a country decides to compromise and, for example, to significantly reduce its agricultural subsidies or to eliminate them altogether, if it chooses its negotiating tactics, since it has put the country in a more unfavourable position by supporting agriculture in relation to other countries.