Wake Forest Ed Agreement

Are you a student looking for Wake Forest acceptance? Are you one of those who surf the web for wake Forest Transfer College? Have you searched for the acceptance rate of the forest awake for some time and no visible results have been found? Are you looking for wake Forest admissions so look no further than College-learners.com covered you. Wake Forest is a Linked Campus with CFNC.org. Applicants can use the many resources available on CFNC.org, but they head to wake Forest`s application site when they apply. Don`t be discouraged by the costs of applying to Wake Forest. Look at our type of help mentioned on our accessibility and financial aid site. In addition, Wake Forest has a six-month residency requirement (usually three years) and is one of the few universities in the country to guarantee students adequate housing for eight semesters. Students must live on campus for the first three years, unless they live with a parent or legal guardian in the Winston-Salem area. Students studying abroad during the fall or spring semester are given a consideration of their stay conditions for this period; Summer sessions do NOT rely on residency requirements. Transfer students must meet the six-month residency requirement.

However, transfer students who have lived on the campus of another institution receive recognition for their application for residency for this period. For more information, see Housing. Information about the William Louis Poteat Scholarship can be found on the financial aid website. These admissions data tell us that of the students who submitted SAT scores to Wake Forest, most are in the top 20% of the SAT. In the field of reading and writing, 50% of students admitted to Wake Forest scored between 650 and 710, while 25% scored less than 650 and 25% over 710 points. In mathematics, 50% of students admitted scored between 660 and 760 points, while 25% scored less than 660 and 25% over 760 points. Although SAT is not required, this data tells us that an SAT score of 1470 or higher is a competitive score for Wake Forest. Wake Forest has forty licensing and graduate departments that cover a large number of majors and miners.

The university also has interdisciplinary programs, service learning programs, co-curricular programs and research opportunities. Founded in 1834, not far from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Wake Forest University is a private research university that includes the kind of charismatic personal attention, often in liberal art schools, but offers both bachelor`s and bachelor`s degree in science.