Master Service Agreement Template Saas

SaaS agreements are designed to be used in situations where parties sign documents. In many cases, however, a SaaS contract can be entered into by the parties who agree to a service order form, whether online or offline. In these cases, the “Terms and Conditions” versions of SaaS documents are more appropriate. Where an applicable order form includes the provision of certain professional services (which generally include implementation, service use training or output production assistance (as defined below), these services are provided in accordance with the work statement that must be attached to the order form (“SOW”). A Service Level Agreement (SLA) or a Service Level Schedule can define: In addition to termination rights, you should also say something about the effects of termination. The most important questions relate to customer data. Can the customer download all their data from the platform? Is the service provider required to make the data available to the customer? If so, when and how? And how much should the service provider remove customer data from its live and backup databases? (If the database contains personal data and the service provider is a processor of that personal data, it must be removed once the services are completed in order to comply with the PDPP.) 1. Services. As indicated on one or more mutually executed order forms (a “purchase order” each), which are attached and included, the services Sentieo must provide to the customer under this article are made up of the national services described in the following provisions of this section 1 (“Services”). To the extent that they are different, the order form replaces the provisions of the main part of this agreement.

However, if you are dealing with corporate clients, the cost of negotiating and entering into a contract can be a significant advance investment. In addition, before using your app, corporate customers need more installation, configuration, training and/or custom development services. Regardless of the type of pre-investment, if you are not directly paid and intend to cover your costs with a subscription fee, you may need to insist on a minimum contractual term. For example, customers may be prohibited from terminating during the first 12 months of the contract. Once you`ve chosen to use a template for your cloud service or SaaS contract, you need to choose which model. There are three main aspects of adequacy: the style of execution, the structure and the content. 4. ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of systems and services that handle personal data and the premises in which personal data is processed (including, but not limited to, compliance with security policies); Our standard agreements and conditions and Premium SaaS include SLAs for availability and support.