Loan Pledge Agreement Sample

6.1 Share ownership; No conflict. As of that date, the borrower insures and guarantees the bonds for the period beginning on that date and ending on the expiry date (as defined in Section 7.5) that (i) the borrower has and has the right: transfer all or part of the shares and distributions to the lender, free and free of pledges, rights, charges or restrictions of any kind or any form of restriction (except those currently held by the lender or likely to be created under that agreement, as well as resale restrictions that may result from existing federal and state securities laws); (ii) shares are not included and shares and distributions are not subject to a right of pre-purchase, redemption or similar right granted or withheld to a person other than the lender; and (iii) there is no provision for an existing agreement and the borrower will not enter into an agreement to which the borrower is or would be bound (or to which the borrower would be or would be subject) that would or would be in conflict with this agreement or the performance of the borrower`s obligations arising from that agreement. 3.2 Communication on the exercise of rights. The lender has 10 working days from receipt of a disclosure of rights in which it can notify the borrower (the disclosure on the exercise of rights) that the lender (i) has the authority to cede all or part of that right to the deposit holder and/or (ii) to exercise all or part of that right. When the lender requests an assignment, the borrower seizes without delay and without further consideration of the portion of the right indicated in the notification of the exercise of the rights. When the lender asks the borrower to exercise all or part of the right and to grant the borrower the consideration to be paid in the exercise of the right before the expiry date of the right, the borrower exercises and transfers the right, presents himself and issues to the pawnholder the securities he receives during the exercise against that consideration. Each amount advanced by the lender in accordance with this section is added to the loan amount under this section.