Retirement Academy

cropped-IMG_0197.jpgCBA is the PlanMember Financial Center for the State of New Mexico. We provide the employer sponsored 403(b) and/or 457(b) Plans for school district and other governmental entities. For districts that select us to provide PlanMember as a plan provider, PlanMember offers a variety of complimentary employee financial and retirement literacy programs. They are designed to help educate employees about basic planning and investment principals and how to avoid the mistake that can undermined a financially secure retirement.

An integral part of PlanMember’s offering is the Retirement Academy P1, P2, an exclusive and innovative online tutorial program that will provide CES member school district employeeseLearing with basic, general education about how to plan for retirement and how investment products work.

Retirement Academy consists of three short, user-friendly workshops that walk CES member participants through:

  • The basics of a teachers’ retirement pension system and why it’s essential to participate in a voluntary supplementary retirement plan (the earlier the better);
  • The basic concepts behind investing for retirement;
  • And the basics of how your income and investment strategies will change once you retire.

Each workshop only takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. The content is strictly educational; it’s not a sales pitch and mentions no specific products. And it’s all delivered in clear, easy to understand language, graphics, and video explanations.

If you are interested in offering the Retirement Academy in your district, please contact CBA at 508-883-2527.